Sunday, March 15, 2015

Terminal apathy or poor timing?

Is it something we like to share? Is it a default position? Can a society move forward in unity with an abundance of apathy? Why was I late for the Vancouver Anti Terror Bill C-51? Am I apathetic or only poor at executing an agenda? I should have followed my first plan and adjusted my itinerary to fit with my own goals while resisting being coopted into someone else's plans/agenda. I suppose for many it is the same kind of scheduling conflicts, unexpected life events which cause us to diverge from our chosen paths. I regret not being able to be at the Vancouver in time.

The reality is that time is on my side. I am glad to be free. Some important lessons have been learned by me. Personal life lessons have come to slow fruition with the help of my programs parole officer. I have come to terms with my poor choices and understand better why I made them therefore gaining an ability to advance beneficially in my growth. This allows me to be more reflective in my activism. It's all good.
Thanks to all those who have stood in my stead.