Friday, September 26, 2014

Ebola crisis and ISIS

Ebola crisis combined with ISIS?
Ebola crISIS

I don’t believe that a 30 million Canadian donation is gonna impress me or other rational Canadians when we have an understanding of of the cost of an air mission to fight ISIS.  I am speaking of the Sept 20 2009, Huffington Post article “Libyan Mission Racked Up $11M In Hotel Bills.” It goes on to quote the CBC:
“In May, the military said it had spent more than $30 million on food, transportation and accommodations for the mission.”
IMO this directly relates to the increase in Canadian aid to West Africa to help in the American fight against Ebola of 30 million (Loonies). Just looking at the armament expended on that Libyan mission tells me that the cost was likely in the billions (With an S.) Therefore, I am cynical about all the inflationary hype by CBC about our PM’s, “Canada’s,” generosity, a paltry contribution of 30 million, in the face of the Ebola crisis. I believe that CBC is doing what their mandate requires and trumpeting the government’s “message.” At the time of Libya mission bagging Ghadafi was on the horizon, whereas in Iraq the mission is open ended.
Comparatively, while the CBC spent hours upon hours speculation about the missing Malaysian airliner MH 370, it spends zero time reflecting on the obvious discrepancy between what the Canadian government is willing to spend killing people and helping them. The Liberals are on board with this policy too..

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