Monday, October 30, 2017

Federal Government of Canada Guilty of Genocide of Drug Users

Drug Prohibition is not a drugs control act. This is what Canadian politicians call our drugs policy "Substance Control Act." Yet they give all control to criminal agents who commit the genocide for them by contaminating the drug supply.
Last week I was resupplying at the Real Compassion Club on Hastings when I heard a cop siren outside. As I left the peaceful well run shop with my supply. I saw a couple of cops dealing with someone 5 meters from the entrance to the shop I had just left. Within that distance I was approached by a guy who whispered "Down...jib" in my ear. I kept walking giving no notice to him.Their was a continuing litter of dying humanity strewn along the sidewalk and within the next 10 meters an overdose was slumping and shaking.
This is the success of the Canadian government Drug policy, Chaos. Death. Suffering. All the actors involved are guilty of being accessories during and after the fact while the government premeditates its actions and then carries out murder of Canadians. All other parties including ther police, Judiciary, crown prosecutors jailers doctors are guilty of being accomplices during and after the fact.
Past Canadians Politicians were guilty of genocide concerning our native population which was continued until the present. These alcoholics made many mistakes and were cruel racists and today Canadians are paying reparations for their incompetence. No government can say it is controlling substances when it gives over to its criminal henchmen full control and distribution of dangerous substances.
The continued lies about needing more police and not being ready to "legalize" Marijuana is based on what Studies of drug impairment effects upon users? The coroner of BC said a couple of years ago that the number of deaths relating to "Marijuana Impaired" driving was up.My friend asked for the statistics this claim was based on. After two years of back and forth emails no proof to back up his statement was forthcoming.
The governments of Canada model their drug control policies criminal model to maximize  profits and carry on criminal exploitation of its citizens. The only model that is legal to use is the one for alcohol where the government controls to manufacture standards and distribution to adults. All else is a crime of murder, premeditated and based on obviously failed policies. Canadians who want this continued are the same ones who blame natives for their own genocide. These people have been trained to repeat the government mantra which has served to justify a policy of genocide.

For trying to tell the truth and save lives I was arrested.

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