Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fond memories of my wolf

I loved this guy so much that I went to jail trying to get him back for five months. He was stolen from me by the person who claimed to be taking care of him for me and then decided to keep him. They lied in court and had the help of a VPD cop. That will teach me not to mess with the VPD, eh.

Well screw you Chief Jim Chu. Why was Deputy Chief Leppard the acting Chief last year? 

Slime ball cops, always under investigation for something, the VPD. the Chief of the VPD stood behind a cop who executed Paul Boyd for no good reason, before an investigation was done and long before the video surfaced.

As in any powerful institutions run by humans, without oversight, police forces and in particular the VPD are vulnerable to corruption. Many people don't care, even if they notice. At least not until it's too late. Take our neighbor's city police forces' propensity to execute young black men. This paradigm is deeply entrenched through hiring and mal-practice of the law for generations. Never an accounting, anywhere. The final insult in Canada is always the Royal Commission or coroner's Inquest, which means there never will be any criminal charges, never an accounting. Yet we are always held harshly to account to arbitrary laws. Why is that?

The trick is not to let it get that way in the first place. Accountability and oversight are rare occurrences in Canada. It begs the question of why the Harper government is demanding it of the tribal governments, when the Harper Government resists any attempt to be overseen, itself.

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