Monday, December 29, 2014

Someone Mr. Harper has dismissed as irrelevent

This man speaks from a position of reason. The Harper government is bereft of reason. These Resource Plunderers, such as Mr. Harper are working for those who hope to escape the cull which is coming for the poor. James Lovelock believes it may only be thirty years off.

This is the thinking behind my goal to unseat the Harper government. The foundation for caution is built on reasonable men and a reasoned approach which seems to escape Mr. Harper. His mentality is geared to resource extraction, specifically bitumen from Alberta. 

Who will benefit directly in Canada by the exploitation of the tar sands?

In whose vision does NORDI CANADIA reside? Why should Canadians care less about the global environment and our impact on it, rather than more? Does the role of hewers of wood, drawers of water, and extractors of resources, not have a conscience that comes with it? Why must it be only this role that the Harper government focuses on? With the wild fluctuations of prices in the oil markets recently Canadians are beginning to realize that they might have too many eggs in one basket. Elsewhere in the world entire futuristic economies of scale are being brought to fruition in the areas of renewable energy. A limited mindset has not considered these complexities in the long term and Canada is not any further along the road to development in non traditional areas in order to become competitive with the rest of the world. Which will limit our future choices if we have any.

I do not approve of the linear, singular thinking of the Harper government and its rough-shod autocratic ways for good reason. It is clear that the conservatives have no environmental, or ethical conscience other than the bottom line, as their corporate masters have decided they should.

To me, the Ministers of the Environment this government has presented seem less than incompetent. All the Ministers, including the Minister of Defense seem clueless yes men/women. They can be easily scammed, like McKay was on the F-35 boondoggle. They seem to be a bunch of American Bootlickers, less savvy than the Arabs are with the Americans.

Today, on the Verbinator's Cross Country checkup, CBC radio one, two men named Stephen Harper as the Man of the Year. One of them bemoaned the fact that it was his dislike of the senior Trudeau's policies which drove Harper into Politics, only to be now faced by the elder's son in the upcoming popularity contest. Pierre's kid is doing better than him according to the polls. I almost felt sorry for Steve. Poor guy.

The I think about all the poor quality people Harper appointed, all the poor laws he created which are based on political bias, not on practical outcome basis. I think about how he has not dared to keep his promise about the Senate. I think about how he and a few of his candidates tried to throw the last election, Prorogued Parliament and generally made all the decisions, most of which are turning out to be poor. The man of the year? Because he made a speech in Israel? Yeah right!

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