Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can a Harper's Pipe Dream ever achieve the status of a good idea?

Strictly speaking, by definition, it can never be so. If a pipe dream evolves into a spectacular success, it must not have been a pipe dream to begin with. Or so would logic dictate. Again, as in the observer influencing the experiment, and causing the wave function to collapse in the double slit demonstration, it is the vantage point and fact of the observer which determines the outcome. Therefore, if one observes the outcome from the vantage point of a successful conclusion the only valid description of the chain of events would be that it was a fortuitous, miraculous concept come to fruition. No way could it be defined as a pipe dream. Of course, if circumstances were 180 degrees different and the venture had been a failure, for whatever reason, it could only take on the color of a pipe dream. The magic which makes one or the other happen, is of course the performance capacity, the will and sweat of those involved. It seems to me that the Harper Government is working a pipe dream in more ways than one. It has failed to win over the Natives who are our environmental gate keepers for the moment.

I don't wish to become a part of this rush to eviscerate our beautiful country of its tar sands bitumen in order to serve the world’s general craving to pollute the planet by using dirty technology. We don’t know the outcomes and consequences to us. Is this all that our so called talented "leaders" can do? Why can't Canadians lead the way to a better future for the entire world in the long run? Can we not rise above being selfish and greedy in the short run? Maybe not. 

Maybe it will be Mr. Harper and his kind who serve the corporations that will "secure" our future under corporate law? I think it is a watershed moment in Canada's history. Hopefully people all across this country will come to realize this and do something to help create a rational consensus that serves Canada well for generations with values we can all be proud of, while holding on to our resources in the eventuality we might need them. The oil boom Mr. Harper so desperately counts on, is like a sugar high: empty. And like a sugar high it is bound to go bust.  Oh wait a minute! Is that is what is happening now with oil in the high fifty dollar per barrel price range?

I see no good purpose for turning Canada into another American vassal oil state like Saudi Arabia, other than to squander our inheritance on a money grabbing scheme designed to feed the world’s addiction to oil. Here Mr. Harper on the one hand is belligerently telling Afghanistan to cease opium production because we are feeling the results of heroin addiction on our streets, all the while blithely feeding a much more dangerous-to-humanity addiction to fossil fuels. Such double standards intrigue and trouble me. They show me liars and crooks are at the helm.

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