Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mr. Harper's sell out to American Imperialism

Take another hit of Beer Steve. Its the legal example to set even though it dulls the mental machinery

Origins of Conservatives, Liberals, and Beer

Although not unconventional in his approach, Mr. Harper has not thought his pipe dream all the way through. When his powerful backers were whispering in Mr. Harper’s ear, pushing him into their directions they were saying things like this: “Be tough on them Natives, Stevie. Don’t let them lefties derail our gravy pipe line train, Steve, and certainly don’t give up your firm grip on our power to do Canada good. Prorogue Parliament once a year if you have to. Getting the oil out will make Canada and the Conservative Party prosper. It’s a guaranteed thing….. We've got your back Stevie, just stay in power and stay the course. Canadians will vote for Conservatives for at least one more generation. All your friends can retire on our boards…….”

The problem with Stevie is, he has no record of making good judgment calls, (alcohol dulls the judgment) while holding a consistent record of backing losers, or at least not able to fully, accurately assess the worth of those who catch his ear. His myopic focus on the pipeline promises failed to take all eventualities into account especially where the real control in the oil business resides. That in essence is the major problem with any one man rule government. They fail to allow facts to seep in through their ideology.

A wise leader would have maybe broadened the scope of his dreams and tailored them to what Canadians need instead of feeding the long term Tory Wannabe Triumphant Machine first. Yes, he did the right kind of derriere smooching, stood up in the Knesset, sent jets over to pound brown people with Americanism, and generally kissed America’s ass, but to no avail. The Tory back benchers/yes men failed to see anything amiss as they were slapping each other on the back and shouting yes to the Harper government. Canada is not as big a player as Steve’s focussed hob knobbing seems to suggest.

Here is where the real jobs are created. Not in the back room deals of the Conservative Harper Government. 

See this Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

And here is why I believe we need to counter that with a new mind set featuring open creative consciousness not restricted by the narrow minded Conservative barren single track donkey cart lane of the same kind of thinking as had hindered Canadian independence for a century. Have we been resource extractors long enough? We need to reinvent our priorities and secure a future not dependent on a one horse pony show. As a society we need to use psychedelic medicine and be inspired by the new perspectives. Canadians need to down size our consumer cravings and be pragmatic with a multi solution approach that engages Canadians in every nook and cranny. Canada’s elected representatives should not be locked out of Parliament but encouraged to join in finding a solution to our problems.

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