Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rediscovering God with Rupert Sheldrake. Truth or drug induced delusion?

I have been aware of  Rupert Sheldrake for quite a while. Due to my strong materialistic bias, stemming from being exposed to a snippet of science education, shunning him from my fields of research easy. Of late (at least the last year, it has come to my attention via direct understanding and several out of body experiences, that my consciousness is not generated within me. This guy makes more sense in this area to me than atheists like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins. These people seem to be zealots in the area of religious zealot exposure, rather than open minded inquiry. For quite a while Sam Harris has been spouting research of the brain showing that we have made up our mind long before we become aware of it. But he has no explanation for it. 

Besides, Rupert comes armed with real research data which is more impressive to me than the Atheist rebuttal of religion crap.

I believe tnat Psychedelic medicine is critical for our society to regain a balance with nature.

What convinced me that my  brain was not the origin of ideas which I thought were my creative genius was a revelation. It is exactly the analogy she used describing how the Romans thought of creativity. I understood I was doing something not of my origin in a great sense but plain old ordinary everyday stuff at least where creative genius is concerned. It is only channeled through me if I am receptive to it. I could be unavailable at any given time if my mind were busy with other things. It comes when you are tuned in.

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