Friday, January 16, 2015

Turbulent Times need someone who likes to fly rock and roll on flex wings

There has been a lot of sad news for Canadians happening lately. Just today the news is full of unthinkable things. Alberta’s Premiere was being interviewed on the possibilities of sales taxes to cover the shortfall from resources, 17,000 employees of Target Box Store retailers will soon be looking for work, Real Estate prices are said to be over-valued with a possible drop in the near future, and the Loonie is tanking. The world oil prices are so low it is a losing proposition to mine Tar sands. All of the indicators the Harper Government was so heavily reliant upon have shown that they were betting on the wrong horses.

To no one’s surprise the Harper government has switched its pitch from “You need to vote for us because we have given Canada a surplus” to “You should vote for us because at this time of economic crisis we are going to be steadiest at the helm.” Anytime is the right time to vote Conservative according to Mr. Harper’s yes men.

I am not unaware of the turmoil in the world. From religious fundamentalism wrapped in terror to a new reality of oil as an economic, cultural and social weapon we live in an unstable world today. Can you reflect on how quickly this instability has swept our blissful delusion of solid prosperity away in a moment? It was totally beyond our ability to influence it, let alone control it. No matter what spin the party politico talking heads will attempt to color it with, the reality is that there is much beyond Canada’s control. We have not asserted ourselves as an independent nation and are rightly judged to an American Colonial vassal state. The colonial part is aligned to the Monarchy of Great Britain. Canada under the Conservative’s view is still primarily a resource producer. Conservatives believe to stay solvent it is Canada’s role to provide the resources that America will market to the word. I would agree we have neither the manpower, nor the total “skillpower” needed to do this on the scale required that makes it economically viable. Especially when the viability has been undermined by the falling oil prices. The beauty of the whole situation is that the oil producers have full control of something we in the West are severely addicted to: Gasoline. We claim the evils of climate change, begin to search actively and successfully for alternative renewable energy sources, all the while reluctantly burning more and more expensive fossil fuels. In fact this pricing of oil is a brilliant strategy which can in the long run damage or even destroy our lifestyle if we aren't prepared to change.

I say the only solution to this is to reinvent our lives in a sustainable fashion which increases our independence from the control of other more powerful states or interests via our addictions to cheap fossil fuel energy, cheaply produced commodities, and our consequently lowered ethical standards.

With a land mass full of minerals, forests and fresh water, 9 970610 km2 (The world's second largest country) and the population of Canada as of October 1996 was 30 000 000 (30 million) Canadians would/should be sitting pretty in a global warming future, at least in the short run.
What in the heck are we afraid of? Are we worried that we won’t have the level of corruption of a society ruled by the one percent like our neighbors to the south? Just what do you need to be happy raising a family? A flat screen TV? Three Iphones? Two cars and a play station in a pool room? Just what is it that is making our children so prone to drug abuse and violence? Are we presently a healthy society? Is this the only model we have, driven by marketers, for a happy productive society? I just heard an interesting piece on CBC Radio one the other day concerning our youth and the problemsthat plague them. 

We need to evolve in our understanding and give our youth as well as everyone more control over their lives. Freedom is a liberating joyous celebration of creativity which has always moved humanity forward to a new paradigm.
Conservatives who wish to deny people freedom even to vote lawfully, to achieve what state of consciousness they wish, drive people to disobedience of poor laws in a spirit of rebellion. Corruption and violent lawlessness are the consequences of poor laws created by poor lawmakers. Conservatism has always historically concentrated power and wealth into the hands of the one percent. Some of this concentrated wealth always falls into the hands of powerful criminals who flourish in this type of social setting.

The one percent has the wealth to hire marketing mercenaries who are able to coerce the collective viewpoint into whatever shape they please. This is where our unbridled powers of Canadian Prime Minister’s Office can coopt elections using the public purse creatively. The PMO has too much power in Canada. There is a propensity to become dictatorial for any leader that might hold that office. Canadians have suffered for a century or more under the rule of powerful tyrants. Only occasionally have moments of enlightenment held sway. Mostly we have had rough handed, colonial, racist, narrow minded, anti-labor, short sighted governments. The easiest thing these talentless people could do was to steal resources from our natives and sell it to their corporate friends cheap.

The great Pierre’s vaunted statement “Canada is a mouse sleeping with an elephant” is a direct reflection of Mr. Tudeau’s mindset. He saw Canada as a “sleeping mouse.” I can’t understand why CBC is in such awe over this blunder. “We could be the 50 kilogram Elephant driver sitting between the beast’s ears making it do our bidding with a twitch.” That by KK in 2011. It is all about vision and ethical leadership which are in short supply in Mr. Harper’s gang-of-thugs government.
Don’t believe what the slick talking heads tell you. Reform is what we need at a time like this. A time for the blossoms of freedom to bloom again in Canada in 2015. Let the small minded Conservatives take a break and elect a minority government to show all parties who the heck is the real boss. We as Canadians want performance, cooperation and less political bs from our elected members..

Something I heard today on CBC Ideas really caught my attention because it was on topic..

"There were humans long before there was history," writes Yuval Noah Harari. Still just in his thirties, Professor Harari's book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is an international best-seller. IDEAShost Paul Kennedy in conversation with Yuval Noah Harari,winner of the Polansky Prize for Creativity and Originality in the HumanisticDisciplines.

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