Saturday, February 14, 2015

Canadians and their Federal Governments are Racists

Why do Canadians not love or care for as much about the 1200 missing or murdered women? Why the racist non response of the Federal Governments, as they do about, the two sadly murdered soldiers in Ottawa compared the missing women? The outpouring of sad formal tribute and the quick draconian response to limit our privacy as well as give police more powers came in lightning moves at great expense in costs and loss of rights. Yet Canadians don't seem to love our natives to care enough to find out what has happened to twelve hundred of them, let alone try to find and implement a solution. Could we still be a bigoted, racist society with little growth during our last half century of lip service to multiculturalism?

Our prime minister is setting the model defying the court ordered reversal of the wearing of a Niqab with a challenge using government resources to fight the courts. I can't understand why someone who can be identified in other ways must show their face if they have endured and won the right as Canadians to be who they are?

Get over it Steve, people have rights, not just your decrees.

I wasn't born Canadian, but I grew up here and am embarrassed by the blatant racism practiced by Canadians and their Government on a day chosen for love. Grow up Canada and elect an inclusive not a racist government. Share love don't bomb other cultures to appease the USA. Fix your own country, and don't march to the tune of haters

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